Call Your Father

Jordan Fistman’s Call Your Father takes a scathing look at two generations of gay men that don’t understand one another, but seek each other out, regardless.
Jordan Fistman is a queer filmmaker whose new short film Call Your Father makes for an uncomfortable watch.

The film explores a rendezvous between a self-centred and reckless millennial, Josh and a meek and mild middle-aged man, Greg.

Neither of these characters are particularly positive representations, with Fistman delving into generational qualities we might not be keen to confront in ourselves.

Greg and Josh go on a toxic night filled with awkwardness and charm, lust and loathing, pleasure and pain. These characters are both deeply flawed, yet aren’t self-aware of their short comings, despite being quick to point them out in each another.

Call Your Father from jordan firstman on Vimeo.

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